The unique offer and imposing interior of the Glorius Restaurant evokes the luxury of the 20’s. This period was characterized by the pursuit of new and high quality experience.

The same pursuit of perfectionism lead our excellent chef while he was, with caring and thorough work, creating the special world of tastes and the unique menu of the Glorius Restaurant. Our restaurant is warmly lit, filled with pleasant music and equipped with careful service – to make a superb dinner become an unforgettable memory. Accompanying the gastronomical masterpieces, the Glorius wine stock is available to top the culinary delights.

Glorius Café evokes an almost forgotten, bohemian and at the same time elegant, emblematic coffeehouse atmosphere from the past.

We organize thematic evenings in the Glorius Restaurant and it is also available for private events.


  • from 48 €/pers./night
    Best spa of Spas

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  • from 37 €/pers./night
    Wellness relaxation

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  • from 31 €/pers./night
    Glorius Offer

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  • from 43 €/pers./night
    Halfboard offer

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  • from 39 €/pers./night
    Take a journey to Mako!

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  • from 47 €/pers./night
    Grandiose long holiday weekends

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